MAVBBL Expands in to Connecticut

January 10, 2011–The Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League announced today that the Liberty Base Ball Club of  Connecticut has agreed to enter the league in 2011 as an associate member.  The league now extends as far north as Connecticut to as far south as Washington.   The Liberty Base Ball Club is made up of experienced ballists from several different clubs that existed in Connecticut.  Players came from the old Hartford Dark Blues, and even from  New York .  As an associate club, the Liberty are not eligible for the league championship tournament nor the league tournament in August, but you will see their schedule and scores posted on the site as well as information about the club.  After 2011, the League and the Liberty will evaluate their situations to see if they will become full playing members of the league where they would join the northern division. 

“The MAVBBL is thrilled with the addition of the Liberty to the league.  We think it will be great exposure for the new club in Connecticut and it will give the league a new market to promote vintage base ball to.   Connecticut has a very rich history of vintage base ball and baseball in general and we look forward to hopefully expanding in the state to include even more clubs from the north east in the future” said MAVBBL spokesman Bruce Leith who is the president of the Elkton Base Ball Club.

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