2017 Schedule/Results

April 1

Flemington Neshanock at Monmouth Furnace, rained out

Elizabeth at Brooklyn Atlantics, rained out

April 8

Brooklyn Atlantics 18 Flemington 9

Kennett Square 13 West Chester 3

Kennett Square 16 Delaware 8

West Chester 18 Delaware 9

April 9

Elkton Eclipse 12 Talbot Fair Plays 11

Elkton Eclipse 12 Talbot Fair Plays 11

April 22

Philadelphia Athletics at Delaware Diamond States, canceled rain


Brooklyn Atlantics 19 NY Mutuals 7

Flemington Neshanock 10 Monmouth Furnace 6

Flemington Neshanock 8 Brooklyn Atlantics 7 (Championship)

NY Mutuals def Monmouth Furnace (3rd Place)

April 23

Talbot Fair Plays 13  West Chester Brandywines 2

Talbot Fair Plays 23 West Chester 5


April 29

Talbot Fair Plays 5 Brooklyn Atlantics 4

Kennett Square 9 Brooklyn Atlantics 5

Talbot 3 Kennett Square 2

Lewes BBC 12 West Chester 8

Lewes BBC 10 West Chester 5

Providence Grays def Boston Beaneaters

Boston Beeneaters def Providence

April 30

Elkton 27 Flemington 10

Elkton 13 Flemington 4

NY Mutuals vs Monmouth Furnace

Rising Sun def Chesapeake

Rising Sun def Chesapeake

May 6

Kennett Square 30 Philadelphia 0

Kennett Square 14 Philadelphia 7

Diamond State BBC 13 Chesapeake 5

Atlantic 1864  Base Ball Festival

Brooklyn Atlantics 10 Brooklyn Eckfords 7

Brooklyn Atlantics 5 Providence Grays 3

May 7

Flemington 23 West Chester 6

Flemington 17 West Chester 8

Elkton Eclipse 21  Gettysburg BBC 6

Elkton Eclipse 16 Harrisburg Keystones 10

Rising Sun BBC def Talbot

Talbot def Rising Sun BBC

Brooklyn Atlantics 19 Maine Dirigo 7

Brooklyn Atlantics 25 NY Mutuals 4

Providence Grays 22 NY Mutuals 11

Brooklyn Eckfords 11 Providence Grays 2

May 13

New Jersey State Fair Games, rained out

Flemington vs Hoboken rained out


May 20

Flemington Neshanock 13  Nutley Colonels 0

Providence Grays 28 Elizabeth 7

Providence Grays 39 Elizabeth 13

Brooklyn Atlantics 19 West Chester Brandywine 13

Brooklyn Atlantics 17 West Chester Brandywines 11

Monmouth Furnace 8 Rising Sun 7

Rising Sun 20 Monmouth Furnace 0

May 21

Lewes BBC 17 Philadelphia Athletic 2

Lewes 19 Philadelphia 2

Diamond State BBC of DE 23 Monmouth Furnace 8

Mohican BBC of Kennett Square 13 Talbot Fair Plays 12

Kennett Square 12 Talbot 7

Elkton Eclipse 32 Gettysburg BBC 0

Elkton Eclipse 22 Gettysburg 1

Onienda Atlantics 14 Brockville Summits 3

May 29

Flemington Neshanock at Newton Strakes

June 3

Kennett Square at Harrisburg Keystones

Brewery Ommegang Base Ball Festival

Brooklyn Atlantics 17 NY Mutuals 16

Brooklyn Atlantics 6 Bouckville Summits 4

June 4

Rising Sun 6 Elkton 5

West Chester Brandywines 8 Rising Sun BBC 4

Elkton Eclipse 5 West Chester Brandywines 0

Talbot 11 Delaware 10

Brewery Ommegang Base Ball Festival

Brooklyn Atlantics 26 Philadelphia Athletics 5

Brooklyn Atlantics 18 Hoboken Nine 17

June 10

West Chester Brandywines 14 Lewes BBC 5

West Chester 8 Lewes 1

Brooklyn Atlantics 28 Elizabeth 8

Brooklyn Atlantics 12 Elizabeth 2

June 11

Brooklyn Atlantics 17 Providence Grays 8

Brooklyn Atlantics 15 Providence Grays 5

NY Mutuals vs Monmouth Furnace

Talbot 13 Elkton 9

Elkton 12 Talbot 2

June 17

Flemington Neshanock at Philadelphia Athletics

Delaware at Elizabeth

Providence Grays at Bristol Blues

June 24

Talbot Fair Plays at Flemington Neshanock

Delaware at Rising Sun

NY Mutuals at Rising Sun

Delaware vs NY Mutuals

June 25

Flemington vs Harrisburg at Eckley, PA

Harrisburg vs West Chester at Eckley

Philadelphia at Talbot

July 1

Brooklyn Atlantics at NY Gothams

Providence Grays vs New Hampshire Granite at Boston, MA

July 8

NY Mutuals at Flemington Neshanock

Brooklyn Atlantics at Providence Grays (1884)

West Chester at Philadelphia

July 9

Elkton Eclipse at Kennett Square

Elkton vs Delaware Diamond States

Delaware at Kennett Square

July 15

Elizabeth at Delaware

Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival

July 16

Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival

July 22

Red Onion BBC at Brooklyn Atlantics

July 23

Delaware Diamond States at Lewes BBC

July 29

Flemington Neshanock vs Elizabeth Resolutes

Cincinnati Red Stockings at Elkton Eclipse

Boston Beaneaters at Providence Grays

July 30

West Chester at Talbot Fair Plays

Cincinnati Red Stockings at Elkton Eclipse

August 4

Doc Adams Base Ball Festival- Old Bethpage, NY

August 5

Lewes BBC at Delaware Diamond States

Doc Adams Base Ball Festival- Old Bethpage, NY

August 6

Philadelphia Athletic at West Chester Brandywine

Kennett Square at Elkton Eclipse

August 12

Flemington Neshanock at Liberty BBC

Brooklyn Eckfords at Brooklyn Atlantics

NY Mutuals at Providence Grays

Silver Ball Tournament

Delaware, Talbot participating

August 19

Brooklyn Atlantics at Red Onion BBC

Heckler Festival

Flemington Neshanock vs West Chester Brandywines

August 20

Philadelphia at Talbot

August 26

Flemington Neshanock at Elizabeth Resolutes

NY Mutuals at Brooklyn Atlantics

Delaware at Philadelphia

Rising Sun BBC at Kennett Square

August 27

Brooklyn Atlantics at Brooklyn Eckfords

Talbot at Lewes BBC

September 2

Mason Dixon Cup- Calvert, MD

September 3

Mason Dixon Cup- Calvert, MD

September 9

Brooklyn Eckfords at Flemington Neshanock

West Chester at Kennett Square

Rising Sun BBC at Delaware Diamond State BBC

Philadelphia vs Harrisburg at Colebrook Rail Road

September 16

Flemington Neshanock at East Orange BBC

Elizabeth at Brooklyn Atlantics

NY Mutuals at NY Gothams

Providence Grays at Boston Beaneaters

Harrisburg at Kennett Square

September 23

Philadelphia Athletics at Flemington Neshanocks

Brooklyn Atlantics at West Chester Brandywines

Kennett Square at Delaware

September 24

Rising Sun BBC at Elkton Eclipse

September 30

Rising Sun BBC at West Chester

October 7

Philadelphia at Kennett Square

October 14

Flemington at Brooklyn Base Ball History Festival

Elkton Eclipse at West Chester Brandywines

October 21

Brooklyn Atlantics at Providence Grays