Rising Sun Club

Established: 1866

Re-Constituted: 2012

The Rising Sun BBC is a re-creation of one of the first base ball clubs in north eastern Maryland.  The original club started playing in the late Summer of 1866.In association with the Rising Sun Historical Commission, The BBC of Rising Sun will bring the game of base ball back to Rising Sun as it was played in the 1860s.
The BBC of Rising Sun is dedicated to bringing history to life by playing base ball as it was played in the 19th Century

Home Field: McMillan Fields.  Corner of Rts 272 and Rt 273, Calvert, Maryland

Admission Fee: None, Free Parking

Concessions: Contact to see

Contact Information: risingsunbaseballclub@yahoo.com

Accepting New Members? : Yes, please contact us for details and a tryout.


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