Brooklyn Eckfords

Established: 1855

Re-Constituted: 2011

The Eckford BBC of Brooklyn is the reformation of one of the oldest base ball clubs in America that first played from 1855 until 1872.  Formally organized on June 27, 1855, the Eckford Base Ball Club was named for shipbuilder Henry Eckford whose base of operations from the late 1790s until the early 1830s was Brooklyn, New York. He designed many American warships that participated in the War of 1812.  Eckford was one of 16 participants in the 1857 convention, all from modern New York City. There the pioneer New York Knickerbockers essentially transferred baseball governance to the leading clubs as a group, so the event is traditionally considered the birthday of the National Association of Base Ball Players and the participants are considered the NABBP charter members.  Today the Eckford play all up and down the Mid Atlantic region and are available for matches.  

Home Field: Old Bethpage Village Restoration ; Old Bethpage, Long Island, NY
1303 Round Swamp Road (Exit 48 of the Long Island Expressway)
Admission: $10, adults; $7, children 5 – 12 (under 5 are free); and $7, seniors, volunteer firefighters
Concessions: Possible
Contact Info:
Accepting New Players?: Yes, email for details