The Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League is made up of 22 19th century base ball clubs in a territory from southern Virginia to Rhode Island.  Each club is a not for profit club which educates the public on how base ball was played in the 19th century around the time of the American Civil War.  Each club is independent and has its own club rules and regulations.  The MAVBBL is an affinity organization and is not responsible in anyway for any event or match and the responsibility falls on the promoter, host, and/or producer of such.  All content in this website is for educational purposes for the public and furthermore to report the news and happenings of each event with member clubs of the MAVBBL as such the website falls under fair use copyrights.  Nevertheless, each club is encouraged to send its own pictures that they have permission to use to the site for publication as well as stories.  Credit is given for each story outside of MAVBBL members if at all possible.  If you are the copyright owner of something on the site and do not wish it to be part of the site, please email us and we will take it down.  In addition, if you would like to use a story or picture, kindly email us at admin@mavbbl.com.  Thank you very much and enjoy the site!


One comment on “About

  1. Phil Walsh says:

    Dear Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League members,

    All points bulletin:

    My name is Phil Walsh and I’m a member of the 1860s era Mechanicsburg Nine Base Ball Club in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (our first year). On Sunday June 6th The Harrisburg Senators (AA affiliate of the Washington Nationals) will honor former members of the Harrisburg Giants a Negro League ball club. The Giants will be introduced prior to the game and the Senators will wear period uniforms during their game.

    At the conclusion of the Senators game, the Mechanicsburg Nine has been offered the opportunity to play a 3 inning exhibition Vintage Base Ball game in front of the crowd. There are only two weeks until the event and we need to find an opponent and would like to know if your team would be interested. We are about an hour or so north of Baltimore.

    Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

    -Phil Walsh
    Phone: 717.691.9799
    Email: pwalsh@gwater.com

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