League Rules

1. All matches will follow the Rules and Regulations Adopted by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BASE-BALL PLAYERS Held in New York December 9, 1863 (1864 rules) unless mutually agreed upon by both clubs before the day starts.  http://wiki.vbba.org/index.php/Rules/1864
    a. The only exception to these rules is about batting order and number of players.  As long as the integrity of the batting order is kept, clubs may bat as many players as it wishes.  In addition, free substitution is permitted.
2. All participating clubs are encouraged to play the other clubs in their division at least once but no more than four times to count in the standings.  If two member clubs are playing more than 4 times in a season against each other, they should decide at least a week before the scheduled match if it counts in the standings.  If no agreement is made a week beforehand, the first 4 matches of the championship season will count towards the standings.
     a. Only games against full member clubs count in the league standings toward the League championship
     b. Matches that take place in festivals and tournaments (non-MAVBBL Championship) do not count in the standings.
3. All clubs must follow the customs of the 1860s in dress, language (as much as possible) and mannerisms.
4. The dues for the league in 2018 are  $0
5. The league is an affinity association in 2018 and not an incorporated entity. Furthermore, the league is not liable for any misdoing, injuries, or fatalities nor are they a party to any litigation that may be brought upon a member club, sponsor, or affiliate.
6. The League Champion will be decided based on the highest winning percentage.  If two or more clubs have the same winning percentage, the club with the most wins will be declared Champion.  If two or more clubs have the same winning percentage and the same amount of wins, then they will be declared co-champions.
7. Each club has one delegate to the executive committee and each club has one vote on league matters.
8. A championship match or tournament may be called for the weekend of October 4 by the club with the highest winning percentage as of October 1.  That club is not required to defend its title in a match or tournament but is encouraged to.  The club with the highest winning percentage gets to decide the format, rules, and location of said challenge.
9. Omitted
10. Metal spikes are strongly discouraged and should not be worn by players.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing your next set of shoes.  This rule is only enforceable by field captains and only on their own club. (12/2011)
11. Each member club should appoint a safety officer (12/2011)

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