Talbot Fair Plays

Year Established: 1867

Year Re-Constituted: 2006

 The Fair Play Base Ball Club takes its name from a club nine (team) that played in Talbot County in the 1860s. This vintage club plays according to the rules of 1864. Maryland base ball “pioneer” William Ridgely Griffith included these rules in The Early History of Amateur Base Ball in the State of Maryland, 1858-1871 (1897). 

We extend an invitation to those interested in learning the vintage game to join the Fair Plays. We are recruiting both gentlemen and lady ballists. We need young legs out in the garden (outfield) and former soft ballists often make excellent sack tenders (infielders). We accept players of varied skill levels. Base ball clubs arranged themselves into a first nine (best players) and a second nine. They also often maintained a muffin nine. In the 19th century, if you committed an error, it was a “muff.” If you were prone to making a number of errors, you were a “muffin.” In order to give everyone a chance to play, clubs staged “muffin matches.” We intend to carry on in the spirit of fun and exercise for all.

In addition to ballists, the Fair Plays need tally keepers (score keepers), umpires and people to interpret the match for cranks in the bullpen (spectators’ area). We also need volunteers for the concessions table. If you love base ball but do not wish to play, the Fair Plays offer opportunities to participate in the vintage game.

Finally, the Fair Plays need spectators at their matches. Our goal is to demonstrate that the Eastern Shore is just full of cranks. Prior to matches, our interpreters will offer an overview of the rules of 1864. Cranks participate in a match by learning appropriate cheers. For the first time in over a hundred years, shouts of “Huzzah! The striker is dead” and “Well fielded sir!” shall echo across the Eastern Shore.

Home Field: Mt. Pleasant Park on Springdale Street in Easton, MD.  Game times are at 1pm unless noted.

Admission Fee: None, plenty of free parking

Concessions: None

Contact Info: doublej3037@yahoo.com

Websites: http://www.hstc.org/baseball.html


New Players Needed?: Contact club directly for more information


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