Mohican BBC of Kennett Square

The Mohican Base Ball Club of Kennett Square is a reincarnation of one of the best amateur clubs in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the late mid 19th century.  Mike Grady, a Major Leaguer who played with the Philadelphia Phillies as well as the Browns, Giants, Senators and Cardinals, got his start with the Mohicans in the 1890s (as well as the Brandywine BBC of West Chester the year before).  He was taught the game by his twin brothers, who also played on the Mohicans earlier with Theordore Pennock (who was the father of the Hall of Fame pitcher and “Squire of Kennett Square” Herb Pennock.  Herb Pennock pitched for the Yankees in the late 1920s and finished his baseball career as General Manager of the Phillies and was the architect of the 1950 “Wiz Kids”.  After Grady’s professional career was over, he went back to the Mohicans in 1911 and in 1912 he would catch and teach a 16 year old Herb Pennock how to play and pitch while with the Mohicans.  In 2014, the Mohicans will once again take the field as a member of the MAVBBL.

Mike Grady, is seated far right.  The players are: Henry Whitacre – Pitcher, Jack Thompson – Catcher,<br />
Theo Pennock – 1st base (Campbell substitute), Charles Pennock – 2nd base, Williams – 3rd base, Ed Hallman – Short Stop, Lovell – Right field, Mike Grady – Center field, Jack Keating – Left field, W. McCafferty – Umpire, Boyle - reserve</p>

The Mohicans in a picture from 1886

Home Field: Thornbury Park .Thornbury Park in Delaware County (Just outside West Chester).. 19342 Glen Mills Road Thornbury, PA 19342 (610) 399-8383

Admission Fee:  None

Parking Fee: None, plenty of free parking

Concessions: None

Bathrooms: Yes

Contact Info:

Accepting New Players?: Yes


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