Arundel Tops Chesapeake; Lewes & Elkton Split

Arundel 16 Chesapeake Nine of Baltimore 9

Jerusalem Mill Village in Kingsville, Maryland held their 8th Annual Civil War Weekend Encampment; commemorating CSA Major Harry W. Gilmor’s 1864 raid across Baltimore and Harford Counties from June 1st to June 3rd.  As part of those festivities, they held an official 1864 base ball match between Chesapeake and Arundel.  There were between 25-50 cranks watching the well-fought match, many asking questions throughout.  Some of the fans stayed for up to a hour afterwards to ask questions about the teams, vintage base ball and the game itself.

In the end, Arundel won 16-9.  Arundel held a short lead throughout the early innings, until Chesapeake steadily rallied to tie the game at 7 in the sixth frame.  Arundel scored 5 runs in the seventh with some aggressive base running, well-placed hits and a few powerful drives into the gaps.  Chesapeake was unable to complete a final comeback.

There was some sterling defense played throughout.  Some of the offensive standouts include Vassar (4-4, 7 stolen bases and 2 runs scored), Moonshine (2-2, 4 stolen bases and 2 runs scored), Spanks (3-4, 2 doubles) and Turbo (2-4, double, stolen base, run scored, RBI).

There were a few bang-bang plays at a few different bases, but sportsmanship prevailed throughout.  Both teams gave their best efforts and appeared to have a grand time.  The fans appeared engaged and interested in this unique game they were watching.

Lewes at Elkton

The Lewes BBC made its way to Terrapin Station Winery for its first visit ever to see the Eclipse.  The new club felt right at home going out to a 6-0 lead after 3 innings.  Lewes was in the drivers seat the entire first game until the bottom of the 9th with a 14-9 lead.  The Eclipse made a furious comeback attempt though plating 4 runners and having runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs before Lewes got the Eclipse to ground out to hold on to win its inagural game in Elkton.  In the second game the Eclipse took it out on the newbies and piled on an 11-0 lead after 6 inni ings and finally winning 12-1 to split the match.  Elkton finished its season series with Lewes going 2-1.