Cecil Club of Chesapeake City

Established: 1867

Re-Constituted: 2010

Terminated: 2013

The Cecil Club of Chesapeake City is named after one of the finest base ball clubs to play in Cecil County in the 1860s.  They were the only club to represent the region in the Maryland Association of Base Ball Clubs in meetings in Baltimore in 1867-1868.  T.C. Cropper, who was their leader, was one of the finest players on the east coast and “most worthy of any first class club in Philadelphia or Baltimore”.  The Cecils highlight was defeating the Enterprise BBC of Baltimore in front of the largest crowd ever to see a baseball game in Cecil County (6,700) in September 1867.

Today’s Cecil’s are a re-creation of that club and currently play their matches at Chesapeake City Elementary School located in the shadows of the C&D Canal.  They are working with the town of Chesapeake City to bring a fine facility and program to the people of Chesapeake City.  Started by the Elkton Base Ball Club in 2010, the Cecil’s are now completely independent and welcome your involvement and participation.  On the field, the Cecil’s were the only club to ever take the state championship away from the Elkton Eclipse as they won in 2011.

The Cecil Club of Chesapeake City announced in January 2013 that they were ceasing operations as a 19th century base ball club.  The MAVBBL thanks them as well as the town of Chesapeake City for their years in the league.  The town of Chesapeake City will be looking at adding an expansion club in 2014.  If you are interested in playing for them in 2014, please contact elktonbase_ball@yahoo.com for more information.

Home Field:

Chesapeake City Elementary School

Admission Fee: None, Free Parking

Concessions: Contact to see

Contact Information: elktonbase_ball@yahoo.com

Accepting New Members? : Looking to be expansion club in 2014.


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