Elizabeth Resolutes

Year Formed: 1866

Year Re-Constituted: 2000

The Elizabeth Resolutes played base ball in New Jersey between 1866 and 1878. In 1870 the Resolutes finished with a 14 – 11 record establishing themselves as one of the best base ball clubs in New Jersey. On November 11, 1870 the Resolute club won the State Championship of New Jersey by besting the Amateur club of Newark 28 – 17. Through 1872 the Resolutes were recognized as one of the better amateur clubs in the region and their games were often covered by the major New York newspapers such as the Times and the Herald.
    After the 1872 season the Resolute club made the decision to become a professional base ball club. They would join the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players for the 1873 season. The NAPBBP was the first professional organization of base ball clubs in American history and existed from 1871 to 1875. The Resolutes were New Jersey’s first and only representative in the NAPBBP, but their membership was short lived. The Resolute club compiled a 2 – 21 record and disbanded in late July of 1873, failing to finish the season. The club was regularly maligned by the Elizabeth Daily Journal, the venerable local newspaper which reported on the Resolutes’ bad habits both on and off the field.
The present day Elizabeth Resolutes were founded in 2000 by Paul Salomone.  The Resolute club plays it’s home matches in 1870 rules to commemorate their State Championship season. We travel between New York and Maryland to play away games and are also members of the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League.
Contact Info: paulquickstep@aol.com
Home Field: Rahway River Park, Rahway, NJ
Admission Fee: Free, plenty of free parking
Concessions: Ask
Looking for New Players?: Yes, please contact us for more information

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