Potomac Nine of Washington

Year Organized: July 1866

Year Re-Constituted: 2006

The Potomac Nine of Washington are part of the Chesapeake & Potomac Base Ball Club.  The Chesapeake and Potomac Base Ball Club was established in spring 2006 with an initial meeting of Jeffrey “Bucket” Turner, Scott “Rhubarb” Rogers, and Ben “Moon” Pauwels at Centennial High School in Columbia, Maryland. Further organizational meetings and an intensive recruitment drive allowed the Club to field nine players for the inaugural Chesapeake Cup at Historic Elk Landing in Elkton, Maryland in July. Invitational matches followed throughout summer, culminating with near victories at Easton, Maryland, in October and a final series in Baltimore against the Elkton Eclipse.

Today, the Potomacs are seperate from the Chesapeake Nine, though are still clubmates.  They are the representative club for the city of Washington and the surrounding region.

Home Field: Bohrer Park; From the North 95 South 495 West DC Beltway 270 North 370 East 355 North (Frederick Road) Bohrer Park is on the left less than a mile from 370

Admission: Free, plenty of free parking

Concessions: Contact club for info

Contact Info:jonathanperry@earthlink.net

Website: www.chesapeakeandpotomac.com

Looking for Players?: Always, please contact for more information


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