Clubs Wanted in Virginia, DC

The MAVBBL is looking to expand southward and is looking for players and organizers in Washington DC, Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia!  If you have been transferred to the DC area and  you played on a club in another part of the country, contact us and we’ll help you get it set up.  We are looking for individuals or even community organizations, living history museums, tourism organizations, or parks and rec departments who see the value of adding historic base ball to their offerings.

We will help you set up your club, help you order equipment and uniforms, recruit players and even assist with your scheduling.  A club can greatly increase your publicity (we’ve been featured in everything from the Washington Post to the New York Times and everywhere in between!) and give you a new recreation form for players from 18 to 68! If you support adult softball programs, you can definitely support a vintage base ball program.  You don’t even need a baseball diamond- just a big flat piece of grass!  Players can have little to no baseball/softball experience all the way up to a retired pro player.  Once they play vintage base ball, they’ll never go back to slow pitch softball again.

Contact us for more details and we’ll get you started!

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