Elkton Barn Storms Through Tennessee

Nashville, TN– The Eclipse BBC of Elkton made a 12 hour trip down to middle Tennessee to take on 4 clubs from the Tennessee Vintage Base Ball Association this past weekend.  The Elkton club went down as the first representatives from the MAVBBL to meet up with the TVBBA and came away with 4 victories in 4 games.  The trip was a learning experience for both organizations as the Eclipse came away with several new ideas to introduce to the MAVBBL and Tennessee picked up a few pointers as they get ready to come up to Gettysburg in a few weeks to take on some of the fine MAVBBL clubs.

On Saturday, the games took place at the Hermitage which was Andrew Jackson’s birthplace.  The Eclipse came away with a 20-4 win over the Tennessee Hog and Hominy Club.  In the second game of the day, Elkton beat the Tennessee Rag Tags 9-5 which was made up of select players from 5 of Tennessee’s clubs.  A great tour of the 7th President’s Home and grounds followed.

On Sunday morning the Eclipse converged on Bicentennial Mall which was in the shadows of the state capital building.  It was also the site of the occupation of the town by the Union troops in 1862 and the first place base ball was introduced to the town.  In the first game, the Eclipse downed the Highland Rim Distillers 13-1 and in the second match after going up 12-2, the Eclipse held on for a 12-11 victory over another set of the Hog and Hominy Club of Tennessee.  Overall it was a great learning experience and bonding weekend for the Eclipse.  The Eclipse strongly encourage other clubs to make the trek down to Tennessee in the future.



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