Northern Clubs Team Up For Education

Not everything the MAVBBL does is on the field.  Besides showing the public what base ball was really like in the mid 19th century, member clubs also educate the public about the history of the game and its evolution.  Teaching 2,000 school children on a weekday in May is no exception and that’s just what the Brooklyn Atlantics, Brooklyn Eckfords, Hoboken Nine, Flemington Neshanock, and Providence Grays did.

The Atlantic Base Ball Club headed back to their roots in Brooklyn to show over 2000 school children what baseball was like in the 19th century at MCU Park. With the help of other teams in the New York City area, the Atlantics put on a presentation demonstrating how the game evolved, which was followed by three exhibition matches. Students learned how the rules and game changed by seeing what baseball was like in 1864, 1873 and 1884. “

Also, check out two of our Southern clubs, the Potomac Nine and the Talbot Fair Plays as they show off for some modern invention called television…


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