Elkton Sweeps Strasburg RR Tournaments

Stasburg, PA–The Elkton Eclipse found a second home as they once again found big success at the Strasburg Rail Road Tournament.  The Eclipse won the Spring Tournament back in May and looked to do the same in the October event featuring the 2013 MAVBBL champion Milford Excelsiors, West Chester Brandywines, Harrisburg Keystones and the Eclipse.  In the first semi final game, Milford downed Harrisburg while Elkton downed West Chester 32-4 in the other match.  This set up a match between Elkton and the Excelsiors.  They had only met one time this year with the Excelsiors posting 8 runs in the first and winning by 4in August.

Elkton made sure this time around it was not much of a contest as it won 24-9 to take home the Fall Strasburg RR Cup.  A special thanks to the Strasburg Rail Road for a great day of vintage base ball and one that we hope is repeated in 2014.


The Mutuals played their final game of the season against the Atlantics yesterday.  After the first game (Atlantics 20, Mutuals 4), we decided to make the second game a mixed pick 9, dividing up the Mutuals and Atlantics and playing simply for the fun of playing.  I proposed this idea to the Atlantics and they accepted.  I thought it would be a good show of unity and camaraderie in the vintage base ball community.  And in the end, just be a fun game and get back to the basics of why we all do this,  just like most of us did when we were younger, we would go to the park with our friends, divide the teams and play for the fun of it.  It was a great way to end the season.

Perhaps other clubs in the MAVBBL will consider doing the same!

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