Diamond States Brew Victory at Twin Lakes

On August 3, the Twin Lakes Brewery in Greenville, DE played host to a match between the Diamond State BBC and the BBC of Rising Sun.  The visiting nine jumped out to a quick 3-tally advantage in their half of the first inning.  However, the Delaware nine tallied 6 aces in each of their first 2 at bats to regain the advantage.  The Maryland club managed to narrow the gap with another 3 aces in the 3rd inning.  After a few defensive-minded innings in which neither side has much success at the striker’s line, the Diamond State bats once again came alive, scoring 13 runs during the 6th and 7th innings to distance themselves from their opponents.  At the game’s conclusion, the final tally stood as a 30-9 victory for the Blue and Black.

All of the Diamond State strikers found success at the strikers line during the match, led by Dutch’s 5 hits as well as 4 hits apiece from Buzz, Lightning, Mini and Steady.  On the base paths, Dutch and Lightning each added 5 steals to their successful day.

The Diamond State Base Ball club will return to action on August 10 as they travel west to visit the Keystone BBC of Harrisburg.

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