Gothams, Eclipse, Atlantic, Fair Plays all Sweep

The MAVBBL was in full swing this past weekend and featured some of the power clubs sweeping their opponents as we get towards July.  The New York Gothams took care of business winning two against the Neshanock, the Elkton Eclipse took a pair from Mechanicsburg, the Brooklyn Atlantics won both against the Resolutes and the Talbot Fair Plays swept the Diamond States including a white wash.

Gothams Take Pair From Flemington

Our first match began with the Gotham BBC at the bat. Collector lead off with a 2 base hit and came home on Scratch’s two base hit. In the bottom of the 1st frame, the Gotham BBC held the Neshanock to 0 aces. For the next 4 innings, this is how the two teams played out the match. The Gotham BBC scoring aces and the Gotham BBC holding the Neshanock to none.

 In the 5th frame, the Gotham BBC allowed an ace. However, our 2nd base tender Sleepy made sure that was the only ace we allowed. With Neshanock on 1st and 2nd base, Sleepy gobbled up the ground ball tagged the runner going from 1st to 2nd and deftly threw to 1st base to force the striker our. Two hands in 1 play, Huzzah! By the end of the 5th frame the Gotham BBC had a commanding lead of 13-1.

 The Gotham BBC scored 5 more aces and allowed 3 more. The final score was Gotham BBC 18 Neshanock 4.  It started very differently than the first one when the Neshanock scored 9 aces through a combination of well placed strikes, sloppy fielding and Bugs’ inability to pitch into the new strike zone (or get the proper call). The Gotham BBC responded to the 9 aces with one of their own. Collector walked, stole 2ndbase and Oates hit him home with a 3 base hit. Unfortunately he was left there.

 In the 2nd frame, the Gotham BBC pulled off a nice 2 out in one play, when Scratch made a nice diving catch and instigated a successful run down between 1st and 2nd. This play held the Neshanock to 2 aces. In the bottom of the 2nd frame, the Gotham BBC batted around scoring 6 aces and Monk had a 3 base hit.

 In the 3rd frame, Hanky hit a 1 base hit and then got caught stealing. The striker, Bugs, hit a screeching line drive that was surely was going to be a 3 base hit, unfortunately for him, the dejected Hanky was still strolling off the field and the ball hit Hanky! The umpire called it a dead ball and Bugs proceeded to pop up to the pitcher.

 In the 4th frame, with Weed’s adept base coaching, the Gotham BBC batted around twice. Collector, Monk and Stacks each scored twice. Feeling bad for the Neshanock and wanting to put an end to the drubbing, Scratch decided to get himself out by trying to steal 4th base. He succeeded. This was one of the most productive innings the team has ever had. By the end of the 4th frame the score was Gotham BBC 22 Neshanock 12.

 In the 5th frame the striker Sleepy assisted with an ace. With Monk on 3rd base, the pitcher pitched the ball. Sleepy let the ball hit him on the head and Monk scampered home!  In the 6th frame, with the Neshanock threatening with runners on all the bases, the striker hit a screeching line drive to 3rd base. With instant reaction, Stacks caught the ball, ending the Neshanock threat.  With both teams hot and tired, the match was called at the end of the 7th frame with the final score Gotham BBC 28 Neshanock 17.


In Westminster, Maryland at the Corbitt’s Charge event, over 300 fans crammed in to the old high school grounds to see Mechanicsburg and Elkton meet up for the first time ever.  The Eclipse scored 3 in the first frame followed by 1 ace for the Mechanicsburg Nine.  In a game that was closer than the score indicated, the Elkton nine won 15-6 after scoring some extra runs in the late innings to insure the victory.  After a generous meal where both clubs ate along side of soldiers from both sides of the conflict, the two clubs met again for the nightcap of the twilight double header.  The same results though insued as the Elkton club won again 10-6.


The Atlantic welcomed the Elizabeth Resolutes of New Jersey to the Islip Grange in Sayville by challenging them to a pair of matches.  Not only were the locals entertained by live period music and knowledgeable displays of base ball history, but they were treated to two thrilling matches played to the rules of 1864 and 1870.
While the local farmers market provided fresh produce, it was the Atlantic bats which did the producing this day, taking the 1864 game by the score of 17-6.  Toothpick led the Atlantic bats with 3 hits and aces, while the rest of the Atlantic battery of Shakespeare, Dreambucket, Flash, Wildhorse, Willy Mo and Butcher each had 2 hits and 2 aces a piece.  The cranks in attendance were treated to some fine defensive work in the first inning, as Elizabeth baserunners were eliminated consecutively on a caught stealing attempt and a hidden ball trick on Rookie Secondbaseman Marlin.  Wildhorse continued his excellent pitching regimen and came out the winning pitcher.
With a change in umpires and rules, the Elizabeth club fared no better in the second match as the Atlantic scored 9 aces in the bottom of the first frame on the way to a 21 run rout.  Again, Toothpick flexed his batting pedigree and had 5 hits, while Dreambucket and Wildhorse had 3 hits each.  In this even handed attack, every Atlantic in uniform scored at least one ace.  Shakespeare showed his prowess in delivering the sphere in an underhanded manner and held the Elizabeth club to a season low 3 aces scored.


Gothams Win 2- Move to 1/2 Game of First

New York Gothams at Philadelphia Athletic

The first game was a display of fielding skills on the part of both teams. The Athletics scoring their first ace in the second inning off was quickly countered by Oates in the 3rd frame with a 4b strike deep to right center. After holding the Athletic tied for a frame, Scratch also struck a long blow to lf for a 4b of his own. In the 4th frame the Athletic tied the game with another ace but Gotham responded with 3 aces of their own, Oats with a two ace 3b followed by a 1b Keystone who also later scored on an infield single. Another 3b from Oates in 7th frame allowed the last ace of the game to tally.

Final score Gotham BBC 6, Athletic 2

After a brief lunch and lemonade the contest resumed with Monk on the mound for the Gotham BBC. The heat of the day building and the ball getting a worse for wear, the second match was a much different affair. Keystone came back to his form and began striking the ball sternly. Gotham posted 4 aces in the first frame on a series of 1b hits followed by the Athletic with 3 runs to counter. Gotham nearly batted through the order again in the 2nd frame but held the Athletic in the bottom of the 2nd.

 Gotham scored 13 more aces in the next 3 frames with 3 2b hits from Bugs, Crash and Mike topped with another long strike from Keystone and one more strike by Scratch which was so great that it caused the Athletic lf to fall to his back in admiration of the towering strike off a maple tree in lf. Gotham continued the offensive display with the entire order scoring multiple hits and aces over the remaining innings. The Athletic defensive efforts never surrendered in spirit but a brief but light rain from the ever threatening skies and the heat of the day combined to erode the energy that remained. The Athletic were held scoreless after the 5th frame and the game ended with the score Gotham BBC 37, Athletic 10.

Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs Philadelphia Athletics

Tug-o-War Match

Philadelphia, PA   June 11, 2011

 After our Doubleheader, our hosts challenged us to one more game… not a game of bat and ball, but one of rope and might. The Gotham BBC agreed to hold their end of a Tug of War. The two tattered teams gathered their gusto and sections of rope, a 200 foot, 150 lb rope. A small flag in the middle of the two teams was placed between the two lines making up the pitchers mound. The first team to pull the flag across their line would be declared winner. On the Athletics there were a few ballists that seemed more like anchors than base stealers and that worried the Gotham BBC a bit. The man in blue started the countdown from 3 and the tugging began. Those with cleats dug in with their heels and gave it a heave and a grunt. What seemed to last minutes was over in only seconds and the Gotham BBC were once again victorious, a 3-0 day in Philadelphia. 


Potomac Takes Loudoun Series; Fair Plays-Cecils Split

Potomac Downs Elkton; Also Wins Against Chesapeake

The first game between Elkton and Potomac was nip and tuck throughout the entire 9 innings, as each team displayed stellar defense while exchanging one run leads.  Down by one run in the bottom of the ninth, Josh “Lightning” Leiling of Potomac came through with a game winning 2-run hit sealing the 5-4 victory for the Potomac Nine, their first ever against Elkton, the reigning Maryland State champions.

The second game between Elkton and Chesapeake featured plenty of offense.  Elkton won this match 22-2 and earned them a split on the day.  The third and final match went a rain-shortened 6-innings, with Potomac narrowly defeating Chesapeake 9-5.  The Chesapeake and Potomac squads proudly displayed their sharp looking brand new uniforms on this fine day.  The teams displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the day and many thanks go to Richard “Pastime” D’Ambrisi for umpiring all three games.

Significant vintage base ball interest was generated among the hundreds of spectators as players mingled with attendees, including dozens of thrilled children. Multiple photographers and press were present to record the special day.  In the coming days, articles and photos will be shared with all. 

Talbot and Chesapeake City Split

Talbot came up to Cecil County to take on the Cecil’s in a battle of two Maryland State heavyweights and contenders for the league title.  In the first game of the day, Chesapeake City downed the Fair Plays 26-13.  In the night cap, the visitors from Easton turned the tables and took the second game 15-9 earning a split and also earning 1 point in the Maryland State Series as both clubs completed their match against each other so each picks up 1 point in the final standings in what is turning in to a true barn burner as the clubs race towards the state championship tournament in Glen Burnie in September.

Diamond States Sweep Arundel

A special event was planned for the visitors from Glen Burnie as its match with the Delaware Nine took place on Pea Patch Island in Delaware.  After ferrying over to the site, the home club was not as hospitable as the Excelsiors would have liked as the Diamond States won 28-8 and 15-3 to sweep the match.

Brooklyn- Newtown Postponned by Rain

Saturday’s match between the Atlantic and the Sandy Hooks was wiped out by bad rain storms.  We have not heard of a make up date as of yet.

Atlantic Split on Old Dutch Day; Cecils Roll Again

Brooklyn vs Newtown Sandy Hooks

The Newtown Sandy Hooks traveled to Smithtown, NY to celebrate Old Dutch Day with the Atlantics.  Backed by a solid defensive effort, Willy Mo pitched his first game of the season and came out with his first victory of the year.  The Atlantics well-rounded offense scored often and although the skilled ballists of Newtown hit the ball hard it was to no avail as the Atlantics walked off with a 20-8 victory.  TC and Dreambucket each had 4 hits to go with 4 aces.  Toothpick and Wildhorse contributed doubles.
After a ceremony commemorating the efforts of Old Dutch as one of the founders of Vintage Base Ball, the teams played an 1886 match, with Wildhorse taking the ball for his first overhand pitching performance of the year.   A back-and-forth contest through three innings, Newtowns solid pitching and defense over the last three innings kept the Atlantic bats at bay.  The Atlantics managed 8 runs but the Newtown bats hit the ball hard and often tallying 18 aces and a split of the doubleheader.  Toothpick, Willy Mo, TC and Flash each had 2 hits against the Lefthanded Ace from Newtown.  The Atlantics travel to Newtown, CT next Saturday June 11th in a rematch at McLaughlin Vineyard.

In other matches, the Cecil Club of Chesapeake City rolled to their 7th straight win without a defeat to remain at the top of the overall standings.  The Cecils traveled to Havre de Grace and were not very gracious visitors winning in a convincing 27-2 fashion.  Chesapeake City next hosts Talbot in a key match up next Sunday June 11 at Terrapin Station Winery.

Familiar foes the Neshanock and the Resolutes met up once again and this time, Elizabeth came away with a 19-10 victory to improve to 4-3 in the Northern Division.

The Mechanicsburg Nine finally got in to action this week after several postponnements due to weather and other clubs not having enough players.  Unfortunately for the Nine from Mechanicsburg, they were a little rusty as the seasoned Fair Plays from Talbot swept them 11-5 and then 19-12 in the night cap.

Diamond States Go West!

The Diamond State Base Ball Club made their furthest trip ever over the weekend when they traveled to the Steel City area to play a double-header against host Pittsburgh Franklins BBC and the Frosty Sons of Thunder BBC of Somerset, PA.  Though the competition was fierce on Saturday, the Delaware club prevailed with two victories.

 In the first match of the day, it took the ballists from the First State a few innings to adjust to the more genteel style of play adopted by the western clubs.  Diamond State managed to stay neck and neck in a low scoring affair with the Franklins until the 7th inning when the Blue and Black busted the game open with an 8-run frame.  Pitcher Dan ‘Mini’ Minutola and a stout Diamond State defense held the Pittsburgh nine to a single tally in the final two innings leading to a 15-8 victory.

 Diamond State jumped on the Frosty Sons of Thunder to open the second match.  The Blue and Black never looked back on their way to a 7-4 win over the club from Somerset.

The Blue and Black return to Mid Atlantic League play this coming Sunday, when they host the visiting Excelsior BBC of Arundel.  The clubs will travel by ferry boat to scenic Pea Patch Island on the Delaware River for a match of ball at historic Fort Delaware.