Excelsior Base Ball Club of Milford

Year Organized: 1866

Year Re-Constituted: 2013

The first documented club to play in Milford was the the Excelsior Base Ball Club, who formed in Spring 1866. They boldly declared themselves the Champions
of Delaware until someone was able to defeat them, despite having never played a match game against any other club. The experienced Atlas BBC of Delaware City,
who had formed in 1865, immediately took up the Excelsior’s challenge. On the 3 May 1866, the two clubs faced off in Middletown in what was then the first
championship baseball match in Delaware’s history. The game wasn’t much of a challenge for the Atlas, who handed the Excelsior a 47-15 defeat. The Atlas only
held on to the crown for a month, when they were resoundly defeated by the Diamond State BBC of Wilmington. Diamond State finished the 1866 season as state
champs, defeating all challengers, including the Excelsior (46-15 on 4 July and 26-24 on 5 July in Milford.)

The Milford Base Ball Club looks to re-create base ball the way it was played when the game was first introduced to lower Delaware in the mid 19th century.  Milford looks forward to new rivalries in Lewes and Talbot and of course its other Delaware sister Club, the Diamond States.  If you are interested in playing for the new Club, please contact us.

Home Field: Brown’s Branch County Park- Harrington


1415 Killen’s Pond Road
Harrington, DE 19952

Admission: Free Admission and Plenty of Parking

Concessions: Available

Contact Info: oceanstock@comcast.net

Website: coming soon!

Looking for Players?: Yes


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