Brandywines in St Louis Cup

The Brandywine BBC of West Chester, PA made the trek out to St. Louis, MO at the end of July to participate in the 3rd Annual St. Louis Cup hosted by the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The trip was originally planned as a visit home for Matthew “Pins” Hagnauer, but it turned into a club reunion with their former player. The team flew into town on Friday and got right down to business the only way Brandywine BBC can…they rented a party bus. This would be the team’s means of transportation throughout the weekend setting the tone for how things were going to go. They drove through St. Louis a bit on Friday checking out the St. Louis Gateway Arch and the Budweiser Brewery, before heading to Pins’ mom’s house just across the Mississippi River in Dupo, IL where she generously put up the ENTIRE club.

Fast forward through some club hooliganry to Saturday, to the 3rd Annual St. Louis Cup. The setting for the matches was the beautiful Forest Park, home of the St. Louis Zoo and the site of the 1904 World’s Fair. Brandywine BBC was concerned about the rule differences going into their matches being that in the Midwest they play by modified 1860s rules instead of 1864 rules. The biggest concern was that someone would forget that taking a large lead, sliding or stealing was prohibited by the modified 1860 rules. One other major adjustment was that defensive positioning did not allow for any shifts. This meant that the first basemen, second basemen and third basemen must be within two steps of their respective base before the pitch is thrown. Only the shortstop was allowed to play anywhere on the field. Even the outfielders were not allowed to shift. This took some getting used to for the club. The Brandywine BBC played 3 matches in the St. Louis Cup and were defeated by the St. Louis Perfectos (11-3), the St. Louis Brown Stockings (9-5), and the Belleville Stags (31-9). All 3 teams played hard and earned their victories over the Brandywine club. Though Brandywine got beat, they didn’t let that get the best of them. Instead they vowed to come back with a vengeance on Sunday and let St. Louis know how the east coast plays base ball.

Sunday, the day of reckoning, it was hot and humid and a perfect day for base ball. The Brandywine BBC played 2 great matches against their opponents, the St. Louis Unions (8-7) and the Indianapolis Hoosiers (3-2), to pick up two one-run wins. The Brandywine boys were more relaxed going into these games and it showed in their on-field antics. The boys were jabbering back and forth from across the field at each other, something the home teams didn’t seem too accustomed to, but both wins were a combined effort from every player on the club, Bullseye got on base in almost every at bat; Splinter was about the smoothest shortstop you’d ever seen; Colonel was intimidating at the plate and kept the outfield guessing; Pins was stretching and scooping up balls like it was nothing at all; Shaggy displayed his best hitting so far this season sending two the opposite way; Rockwell didn’t let a ball bounce, showing just how manly he is in left field; Shield had the defensive play of the game coming from 2nd to 1st with a flip of the ball to make a crucial out late in the game; Stonewall brought out his heater and left the opponents as lost as a duck in high weeds; Manny broke out not one, but back-to-back triples; Slowhand was our “Midwest Muffin” displaying the poise of a veteran vintage player in left field, at the plate, and with a 6-string later that night!; King played so well his uniform and shoes couldn’t contain him! The captain of the Brandywine BBC more than earned his stripes in this Midwest trip.


MAVBBL Blacken Your Shoe Weekend

As we wish one of our clubs safe travels on their way to St. Louis this weekend, the MAVBBL can take the time to follow one of St Louis’s traditions and that is blacken your shoe out Weekend.  As the MAVBBL strives to be as authentic as possible, one of the things a spectator will notice is that we wear modern cleats or spikes for safety reasons.   One thing we all can do though with our black shoes is to darken out any logos that may appear on the shoe.  Just take 5 seconds to erase the modern logo off of your shoe and go out there and have fun.  Most clubs are in the middle of festivals over the next 2 months.  Each player wants to put their best foot forward and try to look as authentic as possible.  On a related note, best of luck and safe travels to the Brandywine Club as they head out to St Louis for a festival out there!

MAVBBL Grabs Top Spots in VBBA Election

Chicago, IL– The MAVBBL is proud to announce that several of its club executives were elected to the top posts of the Vintage Base Ball Association.  Brad “Brooklyn” Shaw from the Neshanock was voted in as President and is the first sitting member of a MAVBBL club to be elected to such a high position.  In addition, Matt Bartnicki from the Diamond State BBC of Delaware was named Vice President.  Eric Micklich from the Eckford Club of Brooklyn was re-elected as historian.  Brian Travers from the Providence Grays and Bruce Leith from the Eclipse BBC of Elkton still have 1 more year left on their terms as trustees.


Play Ball!


The 8th season of the MAVBBL kicks off this weekend with the Brooklyn Atlantics traveling to the Garden State to take on the Flemington Neshanock at the Somerset Patriots Fan Fest in Somerset, New Jersey.  Meanwhile in Easton, Maryland 4 of the states finest clubs will get together for the first Maryland State Festival.  Talbot, Elkton, Arundel and Chesapeake will be enjoying their first matches of the season on Sunday.

The first game of the season took place on April 2nd as the highly skilled veteran Delaware Diamond States introduced the Ellicott’s Mills club to the league with a 68-7 victory.  Flemington and Furnace Mills were rained out.

Make your plans now to attend as many 19th century games as you can.  This year, the clubs are entered in to many tournaments and festivals including the Silver Ball, the World Tournament, the Gettysburg Festival, the Old Time Base Ball Festival and of course the League Championships.  Check back often for scores, highlights and a lot of information.  See you at the ball yards!

2016 Kickoff

The 2016 season is still 4 months away, but on January 16, the MAVBBL will hold its annual President’s and Scheduling Meeting.  The 2016 edition of the League looks to feature up to 24 clubs from Rhode Island to Washington DC and as far west as Harrisburg, PA.

Each year, the club presidents gather to discuss the previous season and look ahead to what can be done to improve the play of member clubs for the upcoming year.  Loop holes are discussed as well as new research in to the history of the game that could alter the way member clubs have played.  Each year, new language is found from the 1860s that member clubs didn’t know about.  Sometimes, even new ways of play from pitching to hitting stance is introduced to make our game more authentic to spectators who come out and watch us in the upcoming year.  For example, up until just a couple of years ago, clubs would exclaim “Huzzah” after matches.  After research it was found that the correct language should be “Hurrah”.  Words like “hurler”, “behind” and “cranks” have been eliminated from our vocabulary and replaced with “pitcher”, “catcher” and “spectators”.  (Words that are common today and were actually used in the 1860s as well!).  At the end of the meeting, in a scene that looks like its straight off the trading floors of Wall Street, everyone takes about a half hour to meet with other presidents to fill out their 2016 schedules.

If you are interested in playing for one of our clubs or if you have an interest in starting your own club for the future, please contact us.  We have a strong interest in placing clubs in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia as well as Scranton, Allentown, Reading, Lancaster, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Mid-Atlantic BBC claims the 2015 National Silver Ball Tournament

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2015 and is filed under WNY Sports.

Photo by SUE KANE @skane51


MUMFORD, N.Y. — Run differential determined the contestants. Defense decided the outcome.

“Black Bart” made a sliding catch in foul territory to secure the final hand down as the Mid-Atlantic BBC defeated the Cleveland Blues, 4-3 in the finals of the 2015 National Silver Ball Tournament played on the Silver Base Ball Park at Genesee-Country Museum, Sunday afternoon.

Mid-Atlantic took the lead in top half of the inning when the club nine’s hurler, “Sledge” tallied the winning ace. With one hand down, “Sledge” made his first on a hit up the middle. After a stolen base, “Dream Bucket” made his first with a hit to right center allowing “Sledge” to cross the dish.

But this game was a battle of two teams intending to show a little a ginger in the field.

“Black Bart” made four straight put outs and six of seven between the second and fourth innings.  The Mid-Atlantic left fielder made three consecutive catches in left field after Cleveland’s first two striker’s in the third made their first.

“Moonlight” added to the Mid-Atlantic defensive display with a spectacular catch in center field for the first hand down on the fifth.

Photo by SUE KANE @skane51

The Blues were not to be outdone in the field. Trailing 2-0 with the sacks loaded, Cleveland’s hurler, “Plow,” delighted the cranks when he snared a stinger at the mound and threw to first for an inning-ending double play.

Mid-Atlantic took an early lead. “Sledge” made his first and stole second and third before tallying the match’s first ace when “Dream Bucket” reached. After “Moonlight” made his first, “Dream Bucket” tallied the second ace when “Doc” made his first.

Both teams were whitewashed until the bottom of the fifth.

With one hand down, “Duke” made his first. The left-handed hitting “Plow” used an inside-out swing to make his first on a hit down the third-base line. “Meal Ticket” reached and “Duke” tallied on a muff. “Plow” tied the game at two, but the inning ended when “Moonlight” made a throw from center field to get “Meal Ticket” at the dish.

“Pins” gave Mid Atlantic a 3-2 lead when he tallied an ace in the seventh.

“Stump” tallied as Cleveland knotted the score at three in the eighth.

Photo by SUE KANE @skane51

Cleveland and Mid Atlantic were two of four teams to finish the round-robin portion of the tournament without a loss. Cleveland tallied 68 aces in their first four matches. Mid Atlantic had 70.

The Mid-Atlantic team was assembled just weeks prior to the tournament when another organization withdrew from the competition. Mid-Atlantic consisted of players from several different clubs along the east coast.

Friday’s results:

Flower City 16 Woodstock 2

Spring Creek 18 Melrose 10

Live Oak 11 Rochester 6

Saturday’s results:

Mid-Atlantic 15  Hill Toppers 0

Victory 24 Swamp Frogs 8

Melrose 12 Akron 6

Live Oak 9 Hill Toppers 6

Cleveland Blues 11 Flower City 2

Spring Creek 24 Woodstock 16

Victory 8 Akron 5

Mid-Atlantic 17 Rochester 3

Melrose 21 Swamp Frogs 15

Akron 9 Flower City 7

“One Side” made his first as four of the first five Akron strikers reached in a decisive five-ace seventh.

Spring Creek 8 Hill Toppers 6

Spring Creek tallied five aces in the eighth and three in the ninth for the come-from-behind win.

Cleveland Blues 14 Live Oak 5

Victory 16 Melrose 7

Mid-Atlantic 24 Swamp Frogs 4

Woodstock 14 Rochester 6

Woodstock erased a two-run deficit with five aces in the sixth. Rochester took a 5-1 lead in the third. “Meat Cleaver” made his third to start the stanza. “Piano Man” and Angel made first to bring home aces, but Woodstock stopped the rally with a double play.

Sunday’s results:

Spring Creek 7 Swamp Frogs 6

Cleveland 26 Woodstock 3

Victory 21 Hill Toppers 4

Cleveland Blues 17 Rochester 3

Cleveland put crooked numbers on the board in three of the first four innings to take a 15-0 lead. Rochester showed a little ginger in the eighth. “Stubby” made his second to start the inning and scored the club nine’s first ace of the game when “Meat Cleaver” made his first.

Akron 26 Live Oak 8

Mid-Atlantic 14 Flower City 4

6th Annual Gettysburg Festival in the Books

Gettysburg, PA– A driving thunderstorm right before the 6th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival nor the searing heat could keep the thousands of fans away  as 18 clubs converged on Gettysburg on July 18 and 19.  The setting was once again at the Schroeders Farm just minutes from the Peach Orchard and the day 2 battlefields.  Fans were not disappointed as some of the best matches in the history of the festival took place.  Many clubs from the MAVBBL joined the Tennessee Hog and Hominy Club, the Columbus Capitals, the Spring Creek Nine and the Maine Dirigo club for an epic weekend of base ball and friendship.

Some of the highlighted games included a 1-1 11 inning battle between the Eckfords and the Fair Plays.  The Eckfords also lost a 8-7 squeeker at the end to the Elkton Eclipse.  The Eclipse also gave up 2 runs in the top on the 9th but scored 3 in the bottom frame to down the Dirigo Club from Maine.  Maine also lost a heartbreaker to the Atlantics 11-10  in the same fashion.

It was once again a great event and look for the 7th one to take place the 3rd weekend in July.  We hope to see you there!