2020 Schedule Posted

The 12th edition of the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League has already started as the New York Mutuals opened the season on February 29th when they traveled to Orlando to play the Central City Awkwards.  The Mutuals were in mid season form winning 2 off of the hosts who will be at the Gettysburg Festival in July.

The 2020 season is in a strange holding pattern as the pandemic sweeps across the world.  The first games in the region are set for April 4th but some have already been canceled.  Stay tuned to the website for updates on schedules as we get them.

This year is action packed with many festivals and tournaments dotting the landscape of our member clubs.  The first one is May 9th in Smithtown, Long Island at the Atlantic Festival.  At the end of May, the Ommegang Festival takes place in Cooperstown, NY.  June 13 is the New England Base Ball Festival as well as the Pennsylvania 19th Century Base Ball Festival.  At the end of June West Chester travels out to Wisconsin for the Menomine Base Ball Festival.  Then on July 18-19 is the mother of all base ball festivals- the Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival where most of our members will be playing in front of thousands.  Starting in August is the New Jersey Base Ball Festival, the Doc Adams Base Ball Festival, the Silver Ball Tournament, and the Rocky Point Base Ball Festival.  The season winds down with the Mason Dixon Classic and the Philadelphia Base Ball Festival in October as well as the showdown at Colt Meadows.

Make sure you check with individual clubs before venturing out to make sure the games are still be played.  Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and picnic baskets and come out and see for yourself what base ball looked like in 1864…before million dollar contracts, televisions, …and gloves!

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