Atlantics Win on Old Dutch Day

On a sunny Saturday in June the Elizabeth Resolutes joined the Atlantics to honor the memory of their founder Al ‘Old Dutch’ Dieckmann. Alongside them was his daughter Candice who traveled up from North Carolina to attend the event. These games hold a special meaning to the veteran Atlantics who remember Old Dutch well.
The first game featured a pitching matchup between Vincent ‘Tuna’ Aurora of the Atlantics against Danny Jurgens of the Resolutes. The Atlantics struck early and often scoring one ace in the first, three more in the second and three more in the third inning to take an insurmountable lead. The Atlantics combined hits with some opportunistic baserunning to take the first game in a shutout 12-0. Dean ‘Dreambucket’ Emma led the Atlantics with three doubles while Richard ‘Cuz’ Baruso and Kevin ‘Flash’ Harrison struck two hits each off the Resolute pitcher.

At the between game ceremony Atlantic Captain Ed ‘Pigtail’ Elmore presented Candice Dieckmann with a token of appreciation from the squad and also awarded the “Old Dutch Day” award to George ‘Wildhorse’ Ferchland for all of his efforts to support the Atlantics and vintage base ball over the years.
The second match was played to the rules of baseball as they were written in 1870 where there was no longer a bound out in fair territory and the first tossed pitch was never called. Although George ‘Blackjack’ Pappas was outwitted by Resolutes Captain Paul ‘Quickstep’ Salomone in the bat toss that would be the last misfire by the Atlantics that day. Five aces tallied in the first inning followed by seven more in the second. In fact the Atlantics scored in every inning except the eighth leading to a 41-4 victory.
Wildhorse pitched the second game and had four hits alongside Greg ‘Hawk’ Dengel, and Sean ‘Toothpick’ Ness. But four others managed to swing their lumber even better as Blackjack, Dreambucket, Flash and Richard ‘Fingers’ Effinger all accumulated five hits in this game.
Next week the Atlantics travel down to Maryland and Delaware where they will take on some of the best teams in the Mid-Atlantic region. On Saturday they will play the Lewes Base Ball Club and Milford Excelsiors, while on Sunday they will play the Diamond State Base Ball Club and the Fairplays Base Ball Club of Talbot where they will commemorate one of Talbots fallen leaders ‘Curly’.

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