6th Annual Presidents Meeting This Weekend

The MAVBBL will hold its 6th annual Presidents and Scheduling Meeting this Sunday, January 5th in Philadelphia, PA at 1pm.

At the annual meeting all of the full member clubs as well as prospective member clubs, Presidents and team representatives get together after not seeing each other for months to reconnect and go over items for the upcoming season.  At this meeting, most clubs round out their schedule as well.  In a scene reminesent of Wall Street, all of the clubs scramble to put together their schedules for the year and the whole process is done in about 15 minutes.  Before the scheduling section though, the Presidents are hard at work ironing out issues that may have occured in 2013 and what should happen in 2014.  Typical issues in the past have included safety, historical accuracy, approval of vendors, equipment, and even rule enterpretations.  This year with so many new clubs coming on board in the last year or two, it looks to be a little longer as the goal is to make sure that each club is in sync with all the others in the league as far as rules and customs. 

If you are interested in starting a club contact us before Saturday so we can get you on the invite list.  All members of each full time club are welcomed however there will only be 2 seats directly at the table for each club but we can set up seats behind your representatives if more are coming.  Each club regardless of the size of their delegation gets 1 vote in club matters.


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