Split in Battle of the Boroughs

The Battle of the Boroughs brought the Brooklyn Atlantics and New York  Gothams to the Parade Grounds on Governor’s Island to settle once and for all  who holds reign over vintage ball in the metropolis that started it all.

The  first match was pitched between Frank ‘Hammy’ Obidienzo of the Atlantics and  Charles ‘Bugs’ Klasman of the Gothams and to both players credit they kept the  bats of both teams silent through wily veteran pitching backed by solid defense.  This first match of the day was played by the rules of base ball as they were  played in Manhattan in 1864.

The Atlantics batted first and started like they usually do, hits by George  ‘Wildhorse’ Ferchland and Dean ‘Dreambucket’ Emma combined with a fielding error  to score the first ace of the game but also had Wildhorse thrown out at a play  at the plate. That was the first and last run for the Atlantics this match. For  five innings the Gothams and Atlantics traded goose-eggs on the scoreboard.

In  the sixth inning Marc “Nice & Easy” Josloff and Anthony “Dirty Pirate”  Cannino combined to get runners on 2nd and 3rd with two hands down but the  Atlantic battery could not get them home. The bottom of the sixth inning saw the  Gothams strike well and score their first ace to tie the match at one a piece.

In their chance to rebuttel the Atlantics Sean “Toothpick” Ness and Kevin  “Flash” Harrison hit singles but with one out the Gothams turned a fly ball into  a double-play at second base to end the inning. The bottom of the eighth inning  saw the Gothams score their second, and go-ahead, run. Now the pressure was on  the Atlantics in the top of the ninth, in a 2-1 game, they got a man to second  base with one out but could not get him across the plate. The first match of the  Battle of the Boroughs belonged to the New York Gothams.

After a short recess another match was begun to the rules of base ball as  they were played in Brooklyn in 1864. Bugs stayed between the pitching lines for  the Gothams but this time they faced Ed “Pigtail” Elmore throwing for the  Atlantics.
This time the Gothams swung their bats first but went down in order. The  Atlantics, feeling the pressure, mounted a three ace rally orchestrated by the  Dirty Pirate with a single, Wildhorse and Toothpick reaching base followed by  Flash’s single. With one out and a bound out to center Flash was tagged at home  to end the inning and the Atlantics scoring for the day.

The Gothams scored two  aces of their own to bring the score to 3-2 in favor of Brooklyn. The Atlantics  followed that by getting four of their runners aboard, but they were forced out  as they advanced to end the inning.
In the fifth inning Hammy walked and Nice & Easy singled to threaten the  Gothams but their defense held and no Atlantic would score. The sixth inning  brought more of the same as Pigtail singled, but the Dirty Pirate forced him out  at second base. To redeem himself he stole second base and advanced to third on  a bound out but was left stranded there by his fellow batsmen.

As the game  advanced in innings the Gothams gave it their all. The seventh saw their pitcher  Bugs reach base and make his way around to second. On a single to centerfield he  tried to tie the game but Toothpick threw a perfect strike to Wildhorse at home  to tag the potential tieing run out. Never dismayed the Gothams again threatened  in the top of the eighth inning landing runners at second and third with two  outs but Pigtail tossed his sphere past the Gothams batter for a critical strike  three.

With one more chance left the Gothams could not afford to give up any runs  but the Atlantics landed their speed team on the bases with Hammy on third, Nice & Easy on second and Pigtail on first. The Gothams defense held and nary an  Atlantic did score. Unfortunately for them, the Atlantic defense held as well  not giving up any runs since the second inning. The Atlantics took the second  match of the Battle of the Boroughs by the score of 3-2.

Both teams played great defense especially in the outfield. The Atlantics  accrued only six hits in each game, with Nice & Easy leading the way with  three total hits, and the Dirty Pirate and Flash with two hits a piece.

Next Saturday the Gothams and Atlantics repeat this battle out on Long Island  at the Smithtown Historical Society at 11:00 AM

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