Elkton Slips By Lewes


Elkton, MD– The Lewes Base Ball Club made its return trip up to the Terrapin Station Winery for a pair of matches on a beautiful day for 19th century base ball.  The match up paired the 3rd and 4th place clubs in the League and the 137 spectators in attendance knew they were in for a treat.

In the first game, Lewes broke the ice with a run in the 2nd which was quickly followed by 2 aces by the home club.  In the 5th the Eclipse added on another but Lewes tied it up in the 6th.  in the bottom of the 6th Elkton plated 2 more to go up 5-3.  It would stay that way until the 8th when Lewes’s bats woke up and scored 3 in the 8th to go up 6-5.  Elkton would come right back with 1 and held the visitors scoreless in the 9th.  A hit by newcomer Paul “Fuzz” Lewis and a stolen base moved him to second.  A ground out by Jason “Shady” Bromley took Fuzz to third.  Bill “Pockets’ Freeland returning from 3 months on the disabled list hit a dribbler down the 3rd baseline which was overthrown and Lewis came in to score the winning run as Elkton won 7-6

In the second game, Lewes quickly jumped on the horsemen to take a 5-2 lead after 3.    They then increased their lead to 7-3 after 5 1/2 and it looked like they would roll in the 2nd match.  Elkton’s bats woke up though as they plated 4 to tie it.  Elkton would then talley 4 more to go up 12-7.  Sloppy play by the home team though let Lewes right back in it as they scored 3 to get within 2.  In the ninth Lewes scored 1 and had 2 on with no outs before a double play and a ground out led to the final score being 13-11 in a well spirited, well played match.

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