Providence Joins the MAVBBL

July 23, 2013– The Providence Grays, one of the most storied clubs in 19th century base ball has agreed to join the MAVBBL starting in the 2014 season.  The Grays started play in 1998 and have been one of the leaders in vintage base ball ever since.  A club that is the model of historical accuracy, the Providence Club portaits the Rhode Island entry in to the National League that started in 1878 and won the National League pennant in 1884.  The Grays use the rules from 1884 as their home rules and thus become the first club in the league to use the overhand game as its standard rules.  The Grays when playing an 1864 club will still play one game from 1884 and one from 1864.

“This is a great day for the MAVBBL as not only do we expand our footprint further north and in to New England, but we get one of the most storied clubs in the game who will bring a lot to the table as far as education and historical accuracy.  Their club is also one of the friendliest and most gentlemanly clubs in the game as well” said Bruce Leith the coordinator of the MAVBBL. 

The Grays will become full members in 2014 playing in the Empire (Northern) Conference.  Their information will be availble on this site starting immediately.  Every club in the Empire Conference is estatic about the Grays entry.  “Our friendship with the Grays goes back to 2000 and we’ve played many memorable matches with them up all over the northeast” said Elizabeth’s captain and president, Paul Salomone.  Tom Fosolowich from the Mutuals commented “The Grays are one of the most historically accurate, if not the most historically accurate club in the country.  This team will be a fine addition to our league.”  “As everyone knows they are fine gentlemen and a sound ballclub” says Rafael Garcia from the Gothams.

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