MAVBBL Preparing for 5th Season

All is quiet in the base ball world right now as clubs have settled in for a long Winter’s nap, or so most fans would think.

After clubs have finished up their 2012 campaigns, handed out their awards, and had their club banquets, there is some rest for the players of the Mid Atlantic League, but not for the club executives.  On January 6th, they will once again conveine in Philadelphia for their annual President’s and Scheduling Meeting.  There they will talk about issues that affected clubs in 2012 and what can be done to improve the product on the field in 2013 so fans every year get an even more authentic product when they come to one of our matches.  Clubs are busy getting their histories together as we try to diseminate all of the facts from fiction on accounts of games in period newspapers.  The league is in the middle of putting together a list of accepted terms that base ball players would have used in the middle 19th century to describe a match.  The other big thing for club presidents right now is scheduling.  At the conclusion of the President’s meeting there is a 15 minute block for all clubs to complete their schedule.  It looks like the trading floor of the stock exchange on Wall Street.  Within 10 minutes or so, clubs have set their schedule for the upcoming season in a whirlwind of activity.

Clubs right now are also starting to think about their rosters and how many extra players they will need for the season.  They are debating on what overnight road trips and tournaments to go to.  They are purchasing uniforms and equipment for the upcoming season and they are out getting sponsors.  Each conference is also gearing up.  The Capitol Conference in Baltimore/Washington has already had its conference meeting and others are on their way.

Yes its quiet as a mouse on the fields, but there certainly is a flury of activity behind the scenes!

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