MAVBBL Finished Season

Hurricane Sandy put a damper on the last remaining games of the 2012 MAVBBL season, but overall the season was another successful one for all the clubs that participated.  Hundreds of players from New York to Virginia participated in the League this season and played many spirited matches.  The Philadelphia Festival featured all of the Clubs in the League as each played 2-4 games against other members throughout the weekend.  New clubs joined this year and even more are slated to join in 2013 including the Hoboken Nine, the Minerva BBC of Bridgeton, NJ, the Brooklyn Eckford, the Rising Sun BBC, the Carrol County Club of Western Maryland, and the Brandywine BBC of West Chester.  If you are interested in joining any of these clubs, look through our website for more information about them and we’ll be happy to place you!  Look for club schedules to start appearing in January and we look forward to another successful season!

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