Brooklyn & Brooklyn Split

The Atlantics welcomed their cross-borough rivals the Eckfords to their scenic home grounds of the Smithtown Historical Society this past Sunday. The original Eckfords and Atlantics were rivals in Brooklyn and their modern day recreations continued their competitive matches just where they left off all those years ago.

The first match featured pitching from Frank “Hammy” Obidienzo of the Atlantics and Eric “Express” Miklich of the Eckfords, with umpiring by Sean “Toothpick” Ness of the Manetto Hill Surprise BBC. The Atlantics scored first and last with a few in between as William “Billy Goat” Kowalczyk, Dean “Dreambucket” Emma and Kevin “Flash” Harrison each struck two hits a piece leading the Atlantics to an 8-4 victory.

The second match showed a change in pitcher for the Eckfords while the Atlantics kept Captain Hammy out between the pitching lines. Billy Goat was replaced by George “Blackjack” Pappas who recently returned from a scouting trip. In this match the Eckfords came out strong scoring three aces in the first frame and featured a tight contest with a tie game going into the sixth inning. Behind the plate Matt “Krawler” Kouyoumdjian played aggressive defense throwing out a couple of would-be base stealers.

The Atlantics moved ahead by two aces in the eighth inning but even a two run deficit and a double play, Anthony “Willy Mo” Stelmach to Dreambucket to Flash, did not hold down the Eckfords. In the top of the ninth, Rich “Fingers” Effinger, Al “Rocky” Belbol, Express and the rest of the Eckfords combined to score three aces and take a 9-8 lead. Despite fine hitting by Greg “Hawk” Dengel with four hits, Flash with three hits, and Dreambucket and Krawler with two hits, the Atlantics failed to tally an ace as the Eckfords split the doubleheader.

The Eclipse welcomed the Resolutes back to Elkton for the first time in many years with a match of 2 games at beautiful Terrapin Station Winery.  In the first match the two clubs were close up until the 5th inning when the Eclipse finally pulled away with a 13-7 victory.  In the night cap, the game featured rules from 1873.  Elkton kept its streak of never losing a non bound underhand game alive (1865 rules to about 1875) handling the Resolutes 40-9


The Diamond States were in action at Ft DuPont for the last time this season and they brought in two clubs- the Atheltic BBC from Philadelphia and the brand new Rising Sun BBC from Rising Sun, Maryland.  In the first match the First Staters easily handled their rival from the north 18-6.  In the second match they took care of their new ones from the south as the muffins could not last with the Diamond States as Delaware won 30-6.


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