Hoboken/Mutuals Split; Diamond States take 2 from Talbot

New York-Hoboken Play First Match
The Mutuals played 2 matches today against the upstart Hoboken Nine of New Jersey.  The game took place on the Hewlett Grounds, the home field of the Mutuals at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Both games were played by the rules of 1864.

Both games featured excellent defense and very good pitching.  Game one was a back and forth affair for 9 innings.  The Mutuals came to strike in the bottom of the 9th with the score tied 7-7.  Thomas “Full Speed” (formerly Half Speed) Heinlein led off the inning with a single.  He stole second and then third.  With the winning run 90 feet away, Tom “Big Bat” Fesolowich came to the plate and after several hard hit foul balls, had an infield hit, with Full Speed still 90 feet away.  Thom “Dirt” Fioriglio took his turn at the bat.  After several fair-foul decoys by Dirt, the Hoboken pitcher, threw a wild pitch and Full Speed scampered home with the winning run.

Final Score –  Mutuals 8, Hobokon 7

Game two was a pitchers showdown between Dirt of the Mutuals and Lucky of the Nine.  Very little offense and very strong defense held both teams to just a few aces.  In the end, the Hoboken Nine were able to keep the Mutuals bats at bay and won the game.

Final Score – Hoboken 3, Mutuals 1


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