Mutuals Split Down South


The Mutual BBC of New York traveled south of the Mason Dixon line for the weekend and away from the friendly confines of Old Bethpage to renew some aquientances and make new ones.  On Saturday, the Mutual traveled to Fort DuPont to play the Diamond States as well as the Lewes Club who traveled up from the shore to greet the Mutuals.  In the first match, the Mutuals showed the muffins from Lewes how traditional 19th century base ball was played in squeaking out an 8-7 win over the first year club from lower Delaware.  In their second game of the day, the expierence and home field of the Diamond Staters was too much for New York as the Mutuals fell  24-3.  On to Cecil County they traveled where they spent the night celebrating their win over the Lewes BBC at the Howard House in Elkton-home to the first base ball celebration in 1866 in Cecil County when the newly formed Eclipse hosted the St George’s club of Delaware after thrashing them 66-37 in their first game ever against another club.  

The Mutuals arrived at Terrapin Station Winery in Elkton to renew its rivalry with the Eclipse.  The two sides had not met in several years and were excited about the prospect of playing each other again.  Unfortunately for Boss Hall’s group, the home club put 14 runs on the board in the first 3 frames and cruised to a 22-2 victory over the Mutual.  The New Yorkers got their sea legs back though just in time to play the Chesapeake Nine of Baltimore where they were able to squeeze out a split of the weekend with a 17-10 victory over the Chessies.  In 2 other matches this weekend in relation to these days, the Diamond States downed Lewes 13-7 and Elkton survived against Chesapeake 7-4.




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