Gothams Roll; Elkton Takes 2 in Virginia

River Park, Rahway, NY – 6/23/2012
Ten Gotham players arrived at the River Park in Rahway for the match against the Resolutes. After some greetings between players and managers it was decided that the first game would be played according to 1870 rules.
The first Gotham frame was strong and the Gothams tallied 4 aces on strikes from nearly the entire Gotham batting order. The left and center fielders Collector and Smoke covered their positions and turned the Resolute strikes into hands highlighted by a sliding one bound catch by collector far left of the flag in left field. But the Resolutes came back with 4 aces in the fourth frame on mishandled strikes by New York. Gotham second base man Hanky struck what some Gothams thought was the longest single base hit they had ever seen. Hanky with the help of the Muffin and Oates was able to tally and ace none the less.
There was a bit of a scare in the sixth when Resolute player in center field chased down a ball in deep left center field and dove for the ball. Initially all looked well but it was nearly two minutes before the player could return to his feet. Obviously shaken, the cranks heralded him for his effort and the fact that he asked to remain in the field.
Gotham added 4 aces in the sixth fram and another in the 8th to lead the Elizabeth nine by a score of 14 to eight. But the Resolutes struck smartly in the 8th and closed the gap to within 3 aces. Monk hit safely in the ninth frame, stole second and crossed home plate on a one base hit by scratch. With a 4 ace deficit a resolute fouled out on the second pitch. The next batter flied out to Collector who collected a number of manly catches in lf. The final striker was retired on a foul tip to the catcher and the Gotham victory was complete. Final score of the well played match by both teams was recorded as Gotham 15 and the Resolutes 11.

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