Eastern Visitor Gets “Colo”bered

The Columbus Capitals Base Ball Club from Ohio came to the East Coast in dreams of finishing with a perfect record on their road trip.  They soon found out how good the competition is in New York.  Their first opponent was the defending league champion, Brooklyn Atlantic.  The Atlantic usually rely on their stellar defense to win games, but in the two matches on Saturday against the Capitals, the Atlantic scored 47 runs and walked away with 2 wins under their belt.  In the first game, the home club won 19-4 and then finished off the Columbus club 28-10 in the night cap.  After a night out in the Big Apple, the Capitals met up with the Flemington Neshanock and the Gothams.  In a close match until the 9th inning, the Neshanock gave the Capitals their 3rd straight loss of the weekend.  The Gothams, being the fine hosts they are, allowed the Columbus club one win beofre they left town.

In other MAVBBL news, in Capitol Conference action, the Talbot Fair Plays squeeked by the Potomac Nine in the first game and then handled the Washingtons a second defeat in the second match of the day in Easton, Maryland.  Meanwhile, the Diamond States traved to Rahway to play the Elizabeth Resolutes in a match up of two of the upper tier clubs.  As one would expect, they split in two well played match games.


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