One Club in Action for Memorial Day Weekend

One club was playing this weekend in the MAVBBL and it was the Brooklyn Atlantics.  The Atlantic have become quite acustomed to New England this year, and this weekend was no exception.  Because there were not a lot of games this weekend, make sure you check out the all new updated Festivals and Tournaments section for 2011.  If you know of a festival or tournament featuring one or more of our MAVBBL clubs, let us know so we can publicize your event!

The Atlantics celebrated Decoration Day by traveling to Hartford, Connecticut for the Colt Meadows Invitational.  In a time-limited first match, the Atlantics went eight strong innings against the Whately Pioneers in a 1886 match.  Up against former Major League Pitcher and World Series Champion Jim Bouton, the Atlantics fell to the score of 7-5.  Shakespeare, Dreambucket, Willy Mo and Butcher all collected singles while Captain Pigtail showed how its done with a deep double to leftfield.  TC did not chase Bouton’s infamous knuckleball and amassed 2 walks, 2 stolen bases and 2 aces. 

As the temperatures rose in Hartford, the Atlantics joined the New London Thames for a friendly 1864 match.  The Atlantics have not seen New London since 2005, and quickly reminded them of our famed Atlantic Defense taking a 9-1 lead.  Dreambucket, Toothpick and Flash (double, triple) all had two hits and Pigtail picked up the victory with a 10-4 win.

 The Atlantics next play an underhand/overhand doubleheader (1864/1886) to celebrate Old Dutch Day on Saturday June 4th vs the Newtown Sandy Hooks at home in Smithtown, NY.

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