Brooklyn Wins In RI; Rest Take Week Off

Mothers Day is generally considered a National Holiday in the vintage world as no captain would daringly think of scheduling matches on this Sunday.  Some clubs do take advantage of the Saturday before and that is exactly what Brooklyn did as it traveled to Rhode Island to take on Olneyville, a club they hadn’t seen since 2008.

Atlantic traveled up the coast to Rhode Island to challenge the Olneyville Temperance Cadets, a team they haven’t seen since 2008.
Although the day started off slowly with a Stagecoach fire detaining some of the traveling Atlantics, once the games ensued the Atlantics scored early and often.

The first match of the day, an 1886 contest, pitted the Atlantics knuckleballer Shakespeare against Olneyville’s Captain Blue.  Shakespeare’s superb pitching effort and a relentless Atlantic offense led to a 24-5 victory.  Shakespeare compiled 10 strikeouts, while Willy Mo and Flash had 4 hits each to go with Dean’s 2 homeruns.

The second match, an 1864 contest, went back and forth between the teams. The dark base ball used made fielding difficult, and offense ruled the beginning of this match as Toothpick, Dean and Flash combined for four homeruns.
The mutual decision by both teams to change from a dark base ball to a white base ball at the start of the 6th inning had a significant effect on both teams defenses. By allowing the outfielders to better see the ball the scoring became less frequent over the last few innings. From there the Atlantic Defense tightened its grip on the game and held on for the 13-10 victory.
On the day, both Shakespeare and Pigtail picked up their first victories of the season and the Atlantics improved their record to 4-0.

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