Mother Nature Plays Havoc with Schedule

Heavy rain and flooding Saturday postponned or cancelled all but one match all weekend in what would have been a busy time for the MAVBBL.  The ensuing flooding wipped out several games on Sunday including the Chopper II Classic in Elkton. 

A few games did get in though as the Diamond State BBC traveled to Philadelphia and the Atlantic went south to Elizabeth.  Atlantic opened its 2011 season as guests of the Elizabeth Resolutes Base Ball Club. The teams played a pair of 1864 matches on a damp field in Rahway River Park. This game served as the Atlantic opener of the season while Elizabeth had bested a fiesty Flemington Neshanock Club the week prior to begin their 2011 campaign. The muddy conditions around homeplate, combined with veteran pitching by the Atlantics Richard Ness and Elizabeths Harry Uhrig led to a tie score after eight innings. The top of the ninth brought good fortune the Atlantic way, allowing 4 aces to tally and the Atlantics came away with their first victory of the season 9-5.

In the second game, Atlantic held off the Resolutes for a 19-6 win. Richard Ness and Frank Obidienzo picked up their first wins of the season and the vaunted Atlantic Defense held a strong offensive club down on a cold day in Jersey.

On top of a hill at the Memorial Hall Fields in Philadelphia, the Athletic hosted the Diamond States from Delaware.  The Athletic being much improved from last year picked up its second win of the season after being whitewashed in last year’s campaign.  In the first game, the Athletic defeated the visitors from the First State, 13-11.   The Diamond State Club returned the favor in the second game winning 14-5.

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