Atlantic Win at Colt Meadows Invitational

May 29; Hartford, CT–
Atlantic was invited to the Colt Meadows Invitational in Hartford, Connecticut, and drew Melrose and Essex as its opponents.  This was Atlantic’s first meeting with the Melrose Pondfeilders, and Atlantic put on both an offensive and defensive display, scoring in 8 of its innings while holding Melrose to just 3 single runs for a 22-3 victory.  Shakespeare (3 aces), and Flash (double, triple, 3 aces) led Atlantic with 4 hits each.  Toothpick and Hawk had 3 hits apiece, while Dreambucket added a double and a triple to the attack.  Pigtail picked up the victory.  In the second game, Essex was seeking revenge from a loss to Atlantic 2 weeks earlier at the tournament in Cooperstown when Atlantic squeaked out a 9-7 win.  This time, Atlantic struck early for 10 runs in the first 4 innings, and then used its defense to hold off Essex for a 10-5 victory.  Flash (2 triples, 2 aces), Toothpick (2 aces), Dreambucket (triple, 2 aces), Butcher (double, ace), and Money (double) each had 2 hits for Atlantic as Pigtail again picked up the victory.
In other MAVBBL news, the Mechanicsburg Nine outside of Harrisburg, PA has joined the MAVBBL as an associate member for 2010 with the hope of becoming a full member in 2011.  Look on the website for their contact information.  They are looking for matches this year if you have some unexpected openings.  The Pastime BBC of Williamsburg, Virginia is now classified as an associate club.  If you are interested in playing for either of these clubs or would like more information on them, look for their information on this site and contact them or contact us at and we’ll forward it to them.
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