Atlantic and Athletic Meet Again

Baseball history photo: Philadelphia Athletcs & Brooklyn Atlantics. Caption reads: “THE “ATLANTIC” BASE-BALL CLUB OF BROOKLYN AND THE “ATHLETIC” OF PHILADELPHIA.—Photographed by Charles H. Williamson of Brooklyn, L.I.—[See page 702.]” Click photo to return to previous page.

Athletic and Atlantic Meet Again

One of the biggest rivalries in all the 19th century was a base ball match between the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn and the Athletic BBC of Philadelphia.  Brooklyn was considered the finest club New York had to offer during and immediately after the Civil War.  Not to be outdone by New York, Philadelphia (another hot bed of the infancy of base ball) offered up its finest club, the Athletic.  They met in New York to determine supremacy.  They would meet in Philadelphia.  They would even meet in Betterton, Maryland on the shores of the Chesapeake.  After 140+ years, the rivalry was renewed in Delaware City at the First State 19th Century Base Ball Festival on Saturday as the newly reformed Athletic met up with the oldest club in the MAVBBL and quite possibly the best.  The Atlantic spotted the Athletic the first run of the match but then reeled off 29 unanswered talleys to win the renewal of the rivalry 29-1. 

Atlantic 8  Fair Plays 5

The Atlantic came down to Delaware City to match up with a club it lost to in 2009, the Talbot Fair Plays. Atlantic played brilliant defense and led 8-0 after 7 innings, but Talbot scored 5 times in their 8th inning to make the game close, with Atlantic holding on for the 8-5 victory.  TC (double, 2 aces) and Flash (double, triple) were the only Atlantics with 2 hits.  Hammy picked up his 5th victory of the season.

Waterbury 14 Elkton 9

The Waterbury Connors from Connecticut met up with the Eclipse from Elkton for the first time since 2007 in Delaware City.  The Eclipse did not play the defense it is usually accostomed to and had untimley hitting.  Waterbury sprinted out to a 4-2 lead and then a 7-5 lead in the 6th inning before scoring 7 more times in the last three innings while holding the previously undefeated Eclipse to only 4 more talleys and defeated the Elkton club 14-9.

  JERSEY CITY, New Jersey , May 22 Game 1 – 1909 Rules

 In an abbreviated double-header, the Jersey City Skeeters beat the Gothams in a 1909 rules game. In the daycap game of the doubleheader, the New York Gothams beat the Skeeters at 1864 rules.
On this warm hazy morning in the swamps of a grand Jersey City park, the Gothams Base Ball Club of New York were unable to beat the very athletic and talented Jersey City Skeeters and their brand of 1909 baseball which was highlighted by strong pitching and good speed.
The first contest, an overhand game was a “Skeeter Skate” for their starting pitcher, who struck out the side in the first and third innings, save for a lone one base infield hit by Ironweed. In all, there were 13 Gotham strikeouts in the first game.
Whilst the Gothams were unable to claim victory in the first tilt, it was nonetheless one of their better showings of the young season, regardless of the loss. Much progress was made was the first game went on.
Trailing by 5 runs in the 4th frame, the Gothams would propel themselves back into the game with via a walk by Collector, who promptly stole 2nd and third bases. Sleepy skied to center to allow Collector to score. Our newest player Matt “Brewski” Gebhart showed his mettle, reaching first on a single and using good hustle to take two more bases on poor infield play by the opponents.
It will be noted here that our gracious hosts and opponents were kind enough to lend the Gothams two players (and equipment mitts!) due to the dearth of available Gotham personnel, and Skeeters Sky and A-Rod singled and doubled to post two more aces for New York, which closed the gap to 5-4. The Gothams would score their last ace of the contest the next inning as Collector singled to center and heisted his way to third base. Sleepy followed him, cracking a single allowing the final tally to score for the Gothams.
An overly talky Ironweed got his teammate Sleepy lulled into a conversation while he was standing just off third base, allowing the Skeeters to capitalize and record an embarrassing hand to kill the rally.
EXTRA GOTHAM NOTES: Brewski struck out the side with 14 pitches in the bottom of the 5th in his (overhand) pitching debut …Improved play at right side of IF…Weed’s first game as Gotham captain/manager…Game was halted at 6 innings to allow for two games due to player attrition on both rosters.
Rugs    1-3, a double, one stolen base
Collector….1-2, 1 BB, 4 stolen bases, 2 aces
Sleepy….1-3, one stolen base
Brewski….1-2, 1BB, 2 stolen bases
Skeeter Sky….1-3, 1 ace
Skeeter A-Rod….1-2, 1 ace 
GAME 2 – 1864 RULES 
  Although no mosquitoes were seen on this marvelous mid-Spring day, the Gothams were itching for a win to break their winless skein. So the clock on the field was turned back 46 years to the 1864 rules. And in this, the Gothams would win a sun-shortened 13-6 contest to improve to 1-9.
The Gothams jumped on top early in this match. Dutch hitting second in a lineup shakeup, singled to right to begin the offensive attack. Early in the count, Collector jumped on a pitch to the right center gap, tripling and sending Dutch home. Collector would later score on a fielder’s choice for the 2-0 lead. And the Gothams never trailed after that. Collector went 4-4 including a single, a double and a triple.
The 5th frame was one of the better frames of the season for the Gothams, which saw a 5-run rally courtesy of hits by Rugs, Dutch, Collector (double), Matt, Weed, Hanky (double), Skeeter Sky and Skeeter A-Rod,
A blast to deep right center by Sleepy in the 4thth inning capped was celebrated with the lighting of a Camel Blue. It was only the 2nd HR for the Gothams this season.
Thanks to Dave Kerans who served as the umpire, and to the Skeeters who are slated to come to Juniper Valley for a return match September 18.
Until the next battle…Huzzah to all the gents!
Rugs    2-4, a double, one stolen base, 2 aces
Dutch….2-4, 1 SB, 2 aces
Weed….2-3, 2 SB, 2 aces
Collector….4-4, 4 stolen bases, 2 aces
Sleepy….1-3, 1SB, 3 aces
Brewski….1-3, banged up nose
Hanky….1-3, 1 ace
Skeeter Sky….3-3, 1 ace
Skeeter A-Rod….1-3,

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